Food intolerances

  • Food intolerances

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We test for over 60 different intolerances

Food intolerances / allergies

If you suspect you have a food intolerance or allergy, trial and error to try to identify those specific foods is not enough. A thorough assessment and diagnosis eliminates the anxiety, inconvenience, and expense of trying to avoid foods to which you are not symptomatic, and instead enables you to understand how best to manage the intolerance or allergy. In addition Craig will develop a healthy eating plan to ensure you are not only avoiding the ‘trigger’ foods but are also not lacking any important nutrients in your daily diet.

A hypersensitivity reaction to specific foods can also inhibit fat metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat) and can also reduce the efficiency of protein synthesis (the way your body repairs its muscles). Intolerances can therefore affect your physical performance as well as your appearance. Our specific assessment cover the most common antigens that cause food intolerances.

Typical symptoms of food intolerances include:

  • Bloating
  • Stomach cramps
  • Persistent headaches
  • Painful joints
  • Migraine
  • Depression
  • Inhibition of fat metabolism
  • Reduced efficiency of protein synthesis

Are the foods you are eating healthy for you? If you suffer from any of the symptoms above then you might have a sensitivity to certain foods.