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Did you know?


Coca Cola has 8 teaspoons of sugar in a can


It’s important to get it right!

For a healthy lifestyle, diet and nutrition are essential to maintaining vitality, immunity, physical and mental performance.

It is important to understand the impact that diet has on your health and your performance. Without a correct approach to food and hydration, any form of fitness training will be ineffective. That’s why it’s important to get it right. Craig can design you an individual diet plan, which is then reviewed, monitored and changed as necessary, ensuring you are on track to reach your goals.

During your initial consultation, Craig will analyse your nutritional intake and you will be required to complete a food diary for a week. Craig can then evaluate how your diet compares with what you should be eating to achieve realistic goals. Your strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted to assist in creating a new daily diet plan to suit your lifestyle. This diet plan will be reviewed, monitored and changed accordingly, ensuring you are on track to reaching your goals. Unlike certain fad diets, Craig ensures that you learn and adapt to a healthy diet that you can follow and enjoy, not for a few weeks or months, but for the rest of your life. His diets are sustainable and realistic.

Why is this method of nutrition different?

Identifying exactly how much and what type of macro and micronutrients an individual needs to increase health, or even performance, is priceless. The physiological assessments Armstrong Health Specialists offer does just that! Have you ever wondered how much fats or carbohydrates your body actually needs to loose weight, gain muscle, or even to survive? These physiological assessments scientifically identify how much and how often certain types of food are needed by the individual.